With all the money in the world, a flashy cars, a big houses and absolutely stunning designer suits – this all count for nothing if you have a a small penis hiding in those pants when it comes to woman! A man with a huge dick is on the same level as you!  Check out a recent article by gawker about life with a small penis! Not something you want!

Of course, there are those women who will still like being around you just because you shower them with gifts and shopping sprees in Milan. But when it comes to what matters most, every woman wants a man who can satisfy her completely or she will be looking for something else – a man who is packing a large penis penis can do this. This is the kind of man that can be as poor as dirt but still will have beautiful woman around him as he can offer woman satisfaction!RA Grani

You may be thinking to yourself that having all that money has to be better than having a big penis. For the most part, it may be. The only problem with this assumption is that life doesn’t always work out like that. The ‘haves’ seem to have it all. You are more likely to find that big penis men are more successful than their ‘lesser’ counterparts. This has everything to do with the level of confidence any big penis man has. You see, something changes in you once you realize that you are bigger than average. Suddenly, the entire world is your play ground. You feel like you are the only one who can put out forest fires just with one swing of your gigantic penis.

With that level of confidence comes a lot of self belief. Big penis men go for what they want. This is because they know that they are big enough to fill whatever order they get. Life with a large dick is all about going for what you want. Be it women, business contracts, condom endorsement deals…you name it. You hold your head up high knowing that your other head is almost just as big and as awe striking.

What is Life with like with a large penis?

For those who do not measure up, you do not know what you are missing out on. You but only have to look at famous people with big penises to have an insight on how their life is to get a better glimpse.

Think about it, all those famous porn stars, ball players and even movie stars who have big dicks, must be doing something right. One thing they are doing right is flaunting their big appendages and people love them for it. Every woman wants to be with them and every man wants to be like them.

Famous people like Wesley Pipes are doing so well in life because they can satisfy any woman to the fullest. These are people who live a lavish life because they go after what they want; they believe they deserve it and so does everyone else. All because they are well hang.

Of course, with such a huge responsibility comes other requirements as well. Have you ever seen a big penis man who has let themselves go? For those still in their prime, their overall appearance is everything. These are people who have an outstanding machine and they know that they must bring every other part of their bodies to the same remarkable standard. So they work out, live healthily and bed a ton of women while they are at it.

It’s quite unfair if you think about it. Big penis men also tend to be the best sculpted men in the room. So, not only are their chiseled chests and outstanding guns an effective chick magnet, but they are packing a bazooka in their pants as well. This is enough to open and doors and legs in life for any such luck man.

How do women respond to a big penis?

Forget all that talk about ‘it’s not the size of the boat that matters but the waves it creates in the ocean’. The Titanic will always be grander than a little dingy. Even though it sunk ages ago, everyone still talks about how huge and beautiful that ship was. It is the same with a huge penis. Let no one lie to you that size does not matter. It matters a lot.

Of course, what you can do with your dick is also a huge factor in how well women respond to you. But you best believe that anyone with such huge machinery knows how to use it. It comes with an instructions manual and a responsibility to wield it well and to wield it wisely.

If you want to know how well women respond to a big penis, all you have to do is walk into a sex toys shop. Look at the kind of dildos you will find there. As long as it built for penetration, it will be sizable. Even strap-ons used by lesbians who cannot stand men. Even they know that value of a huge penis. That is how majestic a big penis is, it transcends sexual preferences.

Yes, women respond very positively to a massive penis. More women will be willing to sleep with you just to try it out and see if they can take it all. And most women will orgasm more easily just at the thought of all of you going inside them. What kind of man wouldn’t want that kind of response?

How do guys respond to a big penis?

‘How to make my penis bigger’ is one of the highly searched topics on the internet. This should tell you that the whole world wants a bigger penis. So if you have one naturally, then for sure you will be the envy of most men. Of course, most of them are going to act as if they do not notice because, let’s face it, openly admiring another man’s penis at the urinal is grounds for getting punched in the throat. Having a big penis is like having huge muscles, it awes people. This is something that every man wants in their life.

Too sum up ; A big penis seems to make men care about the rest of themselves, bringing success at the work place, in the gym and in the love department! Check out a review of a guy who started a penis enlargement program that changed his life.