Size does matter! Does it really? This is a statement that is always making rounds in the changing or locker rooms. It is also talked about quite often over the internet. I mean, this is probably why men are always trying to look at the other mans penis in a urinal.

Like many other men, the statement of “does size matter” used to bother me. I was insecure. Forget that my girlfriend used to console me stating that “it was not about the size of the ship but the motion in the ocean.” But pleeease, who would buy that! I mean how many times have YOU heard that. The more I tried pleasuring my woman, the less satisfied (probably bored to death) she was. I just could not get it done. Also the more I obsessed about my penis size the more it became a mental issue, causing my self-esteem to drop, thinking I was not good enough. Nothing is as demoralizing as over-hearing your woman on the phone discuss how my was so small that she was not sexually satisfied. My worst fear realized!

I had enough of the sarcastic comments, the poor bed performance, and lack of sexual appetite and the just generally down feeling I felt about myself and my penis. Naturally, I did what any man in my position would do – scour the internet for a quick fix LOL!

There were many methods that promised to increase the length and also the girth. Well, in this age of fast, shinny marketing anyone will say anything just to get you too buy! Everything seemed to good to be true, take this pill, use this machine, rub on this cream but I wanted something that was natural and did not require a product to use – This is when I  came across a program known as Phalogenic.

I had never really heard of a “natural” way of doing this but I had lost a fair amount of money trying out pills, creams, lotions and more over the months of research with no results, so with lots of skepticism I decided to try it out. I mean really why not? Another to good to be true scheme I thought but what the hell, had nothing to loose. At this point my girlfriend had walked out, my self esteem was at rock bottom and I had become so insecure about my penis size I could not be with a woman sexually.

Well after a few weeks I started to see some results. Unlike other methods which involve pills, lotions, or creams, Phalogenic is a series of exercises that help your penis increase in both length as well as girth. Watching the step-by-steps videos, I started noticing changes. Not only was my penis longer and wider, but I could also last longer ( when jerking off had not go to sex yet ). My sexual appetite was up and I started feeling confident again. Currently 5 weeks into the program I have seen 1/2 an inch increase but I cant tell you how much better I feel. I feel like pulling out my dick everywhere I go now ( not that I would ). To tell you the truth, Phalogenic has turned my life around. Not only is it working, I just feel sooooo much better about everything. I even started working out. Its just crazy how everything is connected.

Let me also say this is not an “easy” process. It takes a TON of dedication and work but it works! There are countless success stories that can be found all over the internet. All I can say is I am a believer!

A Happy Customer