To answer the question, I had to find out what women think about a big penis. This is a common question and even AskMen has written about it. That’s why I asked about it on a popular women’s forum; “is penis size important to your partner?” These are some of the responses we received:Как выбрать цемент

I have a friend who has just admitted that her fiancé has a big cock. She said that “after some wine we got out the ruler and it was over 8inches”. She went into more detail ” I can’t explain it, a large penis just makes you feel like your man is dominating you every-time you have sex – its an amazing feeling”

Another post “Listen 5 inches is too little to meet a woman but you know it, there is only one way to have sex – is to have a thick wallet chicks always try to tip the guys with money and a small penis not to disturb” Micky Dina

“It’s important – I thought not, but it is. My husband can not do anything in bed – do not touch me, I do not kiss, hug me not .. I can not excite. But is 20 cm and feel it moves me. Therefore I orgasm every time. I was with someone who had a penis seemed all too small and there’s nothing. But I never had an orgasm with that guy. ” Randy Tray


How long should the ideal penis be?

As you can see, even if you are shy admit women say that penis size is still important for them; I learned nothing new here. A large penis can reach several points simultaneously stimulating, which gives women more pleasure during sex.

It is assumed that about 14 cm penis is considered short enough to satisfy a woman. A penis from 14 to 17 cm is a normal size, and in most cases allow partner satisfaction. However, if you girlfriend / lover / wife to have the maximum satisfaction in bed, you should have a penis that is between 17 and 20 cm in length. Women who were asked agreed that this is the perfect size. Approximately 1.5% of men, mostly African Americans have larger penises than 20 cm. However, for most women, such a penis is too high and those who have a penis so are forced to seek partners for larger sizes.
So it’s the answer to the second question: Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

A few years ago the only way to increase your penis was a plastic surgery operation that cost more than $ 10,000, it was very painful, and can be done in only a few centers in the world. However, in the last few years, medicine has made considerable progress, and today everyone can make their penis bigger at home visible.

The best way to increase penis size…

The only two that are completely effective methods have been tested and recommended by doctors. It is a method that is cheaper, but also less effective – dietary supplements that complement factors that influence the increase in the number of cells making up the penis. The second method is more effective and less expensive – are so-called penis extensions that facilitate growth due to exercise appropriate.

For help choosing a suitable method, we have prepared the following list that contains the comparison helps increase penis products that are most effective in their categories and can be safely used by anyone at home, their price is very reasonable and are completely safe.

Orgasm is a complex reaction of the body and even if you do not have to “think” too much, so success is influenced by physical factors and mentally.

“Not all women are built the same. Some are less endowed with erectile tissue, or lower quality. The tissue response to sexual stimuli influencing, is located in the clitoris, vagina walls and anus or perineum, ” explains sexologist Roxana Mischianu


Here is the truth behind the myths circulating about female orgasm:



Therefore, if you are unsure whether your penis is big enough or not, then you should also relate to the study above. Check out what life is life with a real big penis! With these considerations in mind, it’s also to be noted that an improvement in terms of posture and sexual positioning can help during a match, but not so much as one would think.

Generally, it’s better to take notice of all the methods through which you can increase your penis size and stick only to the very best of them. This way you will manage to benefit from healthy, long-term erections and satisfy your partner every time. Do not risk yourself by resorting to surgical methods which are not only dangerous for your health, but can actually diminish your sexual satisfaction in a higher proportion of cases than expected. Therefore, pills can actually be a good solution.

Don’t believe articles like this that try to tell you size does not matter. When you get down too it. IT MATTERS! Just get started and get bigger cock!