I’ve been exercising my PC muscle for a while now and I’m seeing results. I’m so happy with this new workout that I want to share it with you. You may not believe me, or you may try it for yourself. Either way, I don’t care. I’m just surprised and I want to tell the world. Let me explain:

There are basically two ways to find PC Muscle. The first way is to go in your bathroom and start urination. During urination, try to stop the flow and feel which muscle is used in your penile region for stopping the flow. Once you find it this is your PC muscle.

The second way is to get erection, try to move your erect penis from right to left without touching it. The muscle that used to move penis is your PC muscle.

PC Muscle exercise very simple and straightforward. You can perform this exercise anywhere at anytime even in your bed at night or sitting in your work desk.
As it is simple that’s why there is no limitation set by experts on this exercise. You can carry out this exercise as much as you want but it is important to don’t overdo this exercise. Keep doing this exercise as long as you are comfortable.

In starting, you must focus on 24 sets of contractions/relaxations which take one second per set. However if 24 sets in too much to handle for you then you can reduce them to 16 in the beginning then gradually increase them as you progress. 16 sets in beginning are very easily achievable if you don’t have any muscle pain etc.

Once the first 20 (or 16) sets of contractions complete, you can take rest for one or two minutes then again start doing contractions again but this time hold your contraction for 2 seconds. In other words, slowly and gently start contracting your PC muscle once you reach the limit, hold there for 2 seconds and then start releasing it. By doing this way you are enabling your penis to hold more blood which is crucial for longer and stronger penis.

This exercise requires you to build up gradually. In beginning, start doing 20 concentrations sets per week. Once you feel comfortable increase your sets to 20 contractions 5 times that make 1000 contractions. This should not take much time and you can do them anytime or even while watching TV.

And that’s why I’m so taken with this exercise. It is incredibly simple and it delivers results. Also, and probably best of all, it is completely free! After seeing actual results from a process that cost me zero dollars, I’m not even sure if I’ll ever go back to my old routines again. While others may take less work, finding one that takes less money is much higher on my priority list.

I said earlier that I don’t care if you try it or not, but that was a lie. Try it out for yourself today!