I chose SizeGenetics because it is one of the most trusted penis enlargement devices on the market. They have been in business for 16 years, and in that time they have been endorsed by medical doctors, plastic surgeons, and earned their place as a CE-certified Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Device. That’s important to note, because few other penis extender brands are medically certified. For those who don’t know, a medical device certificate is issued for specific devices that have been approved for use in physical therapy, surgery, and treatment in specific medical procedures.cdsberryjam.ru

SizeGenetics is the best investment I made in myself in years. It works, I can hide it under my clothes, and is way more comfortable (and wearable) than the two generic extenders I bought off ebay. After wearing it for one month I saw a small increase of 1cm. At three months I was 2.2cm longer which is almost a full inch bigger than before. I am at seven months now, and I am just over 1 inch bigger.rpk-tramplin.ru

I don’t wear it on weekends because I live with my girlfriend, but otherwise I keep it on 8 hours per day. It’s pretty comfortable overall. It’s a safe way to enlarge your penis length. For girth it’s not the best thing out there, my girth only improved after doing exercises. Otherwise it’s been a useful tool to improve my confidence and ability to go deep in my girlfriend.

SizeGenetics uses MDA Technology coupled with their 16-way comfort system. For someone who has never used a penis extender before, it’s going to feel a little awkward at first, and this can’t really be avoided, but using the pads and double harness definitely makes it a lot more comfortable. The difference here is the ability to use either the rubber tube, or the wider silicone strap in combination with padding and gauze. This keeps your penis warm, comfortable, free from pinching and pain, and most importantly stretched.

A common problem with penis extenders is slippage. That’s when you are wearing the device, and due to the traction coupled with your stretched penis, the head slips out from the noose. Instead SizeGenetics offers the option to use the wider strap OR the noose method, which allows you to choose the best way to eliminate slippage for you. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than cheaper alternatives. The traction powder they offer as a free bonus for people who commit to getting bigger and order SizeGenetics Ultimate Package.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with the results that I’ve gotten from SizeGenetics. I’ve gained more than an inch and my confidence is through the roof. I’ve even taken to showering at my gym and walking around naked afterward. That is something that I just never did before, but I figure if people want to look now, they’ll be much more impressed with what they see. I’m going to continue using this extender and I’m sure I’ll continue to see results!