I spent a long time trying to get results from wet jelqing, but nothing ever really did anything for me. I watched all of the videos and read all of the instructional web sites, but I just wasn’t seeing the kind of results that I was told I could expect.http://aton-mebel.ru

That was when I started looking into dry jelqing. It turns out that men who are uncircumcised can take a much more aggressive jelqing routine and get much better results than out circumcised counterparts.

It all comes down to the foreskin. For men who have been circumcised, the dry jelq can be incredibly painful, and even dangerous. However if, like me, you’ve still got your foreskin intact, then you can and should take your jelqing to the next level because you can handle much longer strokes.

The longer and more aggressive hand work translates into results that are much more noticeable. Ever since I switched over, I’ve seen my dick just grow and grow to the point where I’m finally brave enough to shower in the shared shower at my gym without worrying about the other guys seeing my penis and quietly laughing to themselves.

Obviously, this all translates into the bedroom as well. As an uncircumcised man, I never had any problem with getting women into my bed, because most people believe that men who are uncut have bigger dicks. Unfortunately for me, once it came time to do the deed, the women were sorely disappointed.

However, now that I’ve been jelqing in the way that is right for me, I don’t really have to worry about that anymore. My dick always looked pretty decent when it was flaccid, but now my erections actually have something to show off. The women love playing with my foresing and they definitely love the way my cock fills them up like they deserve.

If you are having trouble seeing results from your typical routine, don’t be afraid to do some research and change things up. Once you find what works for you, stick with it until you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Do not let having a big dick pass you by just because you aren’t doing the exercise that was meant to fit your body. Each cock is different and it will react differently to any exercise that you try out. Go for results and you will not be let down.

The very first time that you hear a woman moan in pleasure as you stretch her pussy and fill her up from the inside, you will know that it was all worth it. You are in charge of your penis size and only you can make the changes necessary to turn it into the massive fucking machine that it was meant to be. Never stop looking for the answer and make sure that you follow the results. Be in charge of your routine, don’t let it be in charge of you.