Whether a man admits it or not, the size of his member really does matter. The length and girth of a penis has a huge effect on a man’s sexual life, confidence, and much more. However very few men actually understand what their measurements should be. There are so many myths, stereotypes, and misinformation on this subject out there, that many men have horrible insecurities about their penis size when, in fact, they may have a perfectly normal penis length. So, it may be helpful for such men to read through this article so as to get a clearer overview of their penis size in relation to other men’s penises out there!Куда в России можно вложить деньги. Варианты инвес…

How do I measure up?

So, first of all, what is considered a big penis? Do you measure up?

Every man wants to have that large and impressive penis; one that when they reveal it to their partner for the first time they hear her say “wow”. Large penises are those that you see constantly featured in adult films that are incredibly long and very thick, but what are the measurements on a large penis exactly?

Jonah Falcon, the world record holder for the longest penis prides himself of a staggering 13.5 inches long penis when erect. This is actually longer than a wine bottle! Fortunately men like Jonah Falcon are an anomaly because, statistically, there are no penises larger than ten inches. Large penises, like those seen in porn films, are between seven to nine inches in length when erect. For those who are concerned about girth and are wondering what is considered a thick penis, then know that a thicker penis than normal has a girth of five inches or more.

Statistically, a man will be between 4.7 inches to 6.3 inches long when erect, and be between 4 inches and 5 inches in girth. So wondering if you are considered large or just average? Grab a measuring tape and find out!

Once your penis is erect, you will need to measure it from the pubic bone. This is important because some men do not do themselves justice because fat may obscure the base of the penis and make a man think it is smaller than it actually is. Use a soft measuring tape to measure from the base to the tip, or use a string to get the length and then hold that against a ruler for the accurate length.


What is the average penis size by country?

In 2015 an article was posted detailing the lengths of penises by country and the results are very surprising, as we will see below. While the worldwide average for an erect penis is five and a half inches, there are countries where the average is over seven inches in length! Let us take a look at some of these interesting measurements!

What is considered a small penis? What are the downsides of having a small penis

So what exactly is a small penis? Check out this Yahoo answers for a few posts from the general public. Statistically, most men who are concerned about the size of their penis are not only average sized, but their partners are actually sexually satisfied with the size of their penis. With an average penis size being between 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches erect, you may be considered small if you fall below that 4.7 inches in length. A thin penis, one whose girth is smaller than the average, will have a girth smaller than four inches.

Downsides of having a small penis?

A small penis is something that can be devastating on a man’s confidence, both in bed and in life. Some men with small penises are too embarrassed to even urinate in a urinal and, instead, go to a stall so as to avoid the potential of another man seeing the size of his penis. This is unfortunate; however it is a reality men deal with on a regular basis.

Other downsides of having a relatively small penis include:

Do black men have a relatively large penis? And do Asians have smaller sized ones?

Stereotypes are a huge problem in any situation, however when it comes to stereotypes based on different ethnicities, there are some truths to the generalizations. If you remember we listed out some of the penis sizes by country, and we will use that to answer the questions about penis sizes.

It is true that Asian countries, along with India, have the smallest statistical penis size when ranked amongst other countries in the world. Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan all have penis sizes, when erect, that are around four inches in length.

The idea that black men are well endowed is not an unfounded belief. In fact, Congo features the largest penis size statistically in the world, with Jamaica and Haiti along with them.

Overall, South America is statistically the continent with the most well-endowed men. These countries surprise many because the common misconception is that black men are the most well-endowed.

One thing is for sure, though – statistics are not everything. This topic has been discussed a lot on reddit. Worldwide statistics only give an average for those countries, but they do not mean that all men from those countries are going to have a penis that is around that size. Despite the statistics, and common beliefs, that black men are more well-endowed, you may be surprised to note that it is actually a white American man who holds the world record for the longest penis!